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A Closer Look Into Culture Codex

The main purpose of understanding your organizational identity is to build a healthy, vibrant culture which is the key to achieving long-term organizational success. Who you are and what you stand for is as important as what you sell or who you provide services to. The values of an organization affect you ability to hire the best people and sell quality products or services. A high performance culture reinforces the mission, vision statement, and values of the organization by providing a strategic alignment. Aligning the organizational culture can create the following benefits:

Improve employee performance
Motive and engage your employees
Create a competitive advantage
Improve communication
Provide understanding of other perspectives
Create a team environment that strives to improve the bottom-line

If you wish to learn more about this, visit A successful organization supports its public or brand identity with what it actually does. This is much easier to accomplish if the organization determines that public identity by first recognizing its character, values, and strengths. The gap between values and behaviors can be lessoned by developing the strengths associated with the values or learning to value what it actually does. An at-risk organization has little or no value/strength alignment and its energy is dissipated into coping with or remediation of the problems. A healthy organization has a good value/strengths alignment, and its energies are primarily focused on living out its values and strengths rather than grappling with weaknesses.

The use of prototype is a fascinating and unique approach to leadership development by exploring the stories that give meaning and context to the roles we play. They enhance the inner awareness of culture and the skill set required for effective leadership. The roles and characters that we adopt create themes within the culture of an organization. By creating a high performance culture, it can improve employee performance, increase productivity and net profits, and reduce turnover within an organization. An effective change in your organization can provide an exciting new team and improve your bottom-line.