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Use the right font to transform your web design

Related imageWhen designing your web page, it is important to understand how your fonts will affect the layout of your imagery and web design. It is amazing what the right font can do to your product. You can essentially affect the way readers interpret the information you are presenting just by the font you use.

You can break down these simple instructions and ensure you use the right font for you.

Most people have either a Windows or a Macintosh machine at home, so when choosing a font, knowing the most common font families on both these systems will make life a lot easier for you, guaranteeing clear, consistent design.try these out .

If you examine both machines you will see that there are numerous common generic fonts of the same name on each, but these fonts can actually look different when you use them.

To counteract this problem we recommend you include both a Windows and a Macintosh font choice in your font listings. This way you will not be surprised by how your page looks in various situations and you will receive the best possible results from your site.

A few common examples are:

Arial = Sans Serif

Comic sans MS= Cursive

Courier New = Monospace

Impact= Fantasy

Changing your text to your favorite font will definitely make your webpage look great on your browser, but if your readers don’t have the same font as you, their computers will adapt to the nearest option in the generic family. When compiling your list of fonts, include a standard font near the end of your list and a generic font as your last choice. By including these in your list, you can have your favorite fonts, but also know that if a reader does not have the same font as you, your web design will still look good on their browsers.

When choosing your font, it is also important to bear the syntax of the font property in mind. Using CSS, you can experiment with all their great features which are easy to use and will allow you to add additional designs to your page.

The font property is a shorthand property used to set the following styles of fonts: font-style, font-variant, font-weight, font-size, and line height and font family. Of all these options the font-family and font-size are the minimum styles required for this style of property.